Capsule that makes you active, healthy and painless again.

Babel is an effective natural pain killer, produced with the sole purpose to help you through everyday life, if you suffer from pain in your joints or have a daily life with arthritis, or sclerosis. Babel is based on our extensive research with Asian and Indian nature medicine, and combined with the most resent pharmaceutical innovations, we  have successfully med a solution that gives you the best of both worlds, without the normal fatigue.
Babel's advantages over other medical products is that it is based on 100% natural products and it has proved to be effective from the first day for 83% of our international test group. There is no side effects, you can do your daily routine painless. And most important, without the normal side effects like fatigue and drowsiness.
The cannabidiol used in the babel tablets, are medical grade the from canadian medicinal cannabis producer  Aurora MJ  owned MedReleaf
There is a total of about 40+ indications in which medical cannabis may potentially show results in terms of efficacy.
Cebidex’s initial target groups are patients with treatment indications recommended by the DMA, which include multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, spinal cord injury, and nausea and vomiting as a result of cytotoxic drugs/chemotherapy treatment for various cancerous diseases. However, all types of illnesses are covered by the Danish legalization – as all physicians have the authorization to prescribe medical cannabis to all their patients and to all types of illnesses.
We want to get you back in your best form possible BABEL will help you.
Capsules  and amber in 500 mg and in 800 mg is on the european market.

Cebidex Certified products have been thoughtfully curated from other licensed producers to provide our clients with a unique small batch offering made up of a selection of rare genetics and classic medicinal plant derivatives.
As with all our 100% naturally products of dried flowers you can trust that these products are lab-tested, gamma-irradiation free, and have received the Cebidex seal of approval.