Alphazin  C+

It is the energy booster for you daily life.

It will make you fresh, energized, relieve your pains and give you hours of natural energy and that great feeling of alertness. We all know how great it feels to get a little energy boost to overcome more in our everyday life. 
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Nutritional facts tablets.

Calorie                                                 304.00 mg
Protein                                                   19.90 mg
Calcium                                              2097.00 mg
Iron                                                   45.80 mg
Fosfor                                              363.00 mg
Natural Fibers                                                  14.20 mg
Water                                           7.20 mg
Carbohydrate                                              46.20  mg
Theine-Caffeine                                                  350 mg
+  natural plant structure.

  No added chemicals, all of the product are produced from clean natural  leafs
We developed Alphazin based on  natural green leafs that has proven to contain the materials that are the most effective. According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, a combination of caffeine and L-theanine – a stress-relieving compound native to green tea – can improve cognitive performance and induce alertness. That’s the basic idea behind the Alphazin pill a nootropic cognitive enhancer supplement that contains a productive ratio of active ingredients.
Alphazine uses L-theanine to defeat the jitters associated with caffeine while enhancing mental performance. It will appeal to those whose energy issues are compounded by an inability to focus on the task at hand. 

Cebidex Certified products have been thoughtfully curated from other licensed producers to provide our clients with a unique small batch offering made up of a selection of rare genetics and classic medicinal plant derivatives.
As with all our 100% naturally products of dried flowers you can trust that these products are lab-tested, gamma-irradiation free, and have received the Cebidex seal of approval.